Food Committee

Mission: To assist the church with coordinating the plans and directing the food service events of he church. Kitty Brown, Chairperson

Finance Committee

Mission: To maintain the financial integrity of the ministry by implementing the proper financial policies and procedures to guard against waste and/or misuse of the financial resources of the church. Kimyatta Brown, Chairperson

Church History Committee

Mission: To preserve and promote the history of our church family annually with a service of celebration and commemoration. Pastor Gregory Powell, Chairperson

Church Decoration Committee

Mission: To oversee the church decorations as part of beautifying the Lord’s house and creating environements that complement the current season, service and event. Beverly Dixon, Chairperson

Capital Campaign Committee

Mission: To develop and promote a stewardship plan that encourages the membership and ministry partners to give the funds needed to meet the church’s financial goals. Finance Team

Youth Ministry

Mission: To provide youth ministries and programs of teaching, training, and mentoring youth through education, recreation and outreach to produce Christ-like character and behavior. Minister LaDonya Moor, Director Child Abuse Reporting View the Department of Children’s Services State of Tennessee Online course. [20 minute quiz]

Women’s Ministry

Mission: To provide a teaching and service ministry for Christian women to strengthen their personal relationship with God and encouraging other women through training and fellowship. Deaconess Shelia Granberry, President


Mission: To participate in worship services and assist with welcoming, literature distribution, direct seating and collect offerings. Ava Thomas, President

Single Adult Ministry

Mission: To encourage single members to live victorious life styles through teaching, seminars and events that produce Christ-like character, behavior, service and support in ministry. Lena Sweat, President

Star Ministry

Mission: To provide food and assistance to individuals in the community in need and to promote the message of Christ by showing His compassion for those in need. Eddie Sanders

Social Media Ministry

Mission: To promote the message of Christ and provide the community with information about our church messages and events through social media. Nina Webster, Website Master

Rising Stars Children’s Church

Mission: To provide a safe and structured ministry designed to nurture children in a Christian environment during the church worship service that produces Christ-like character and behavior. Kesita Sanders

New Members Ministry

Mission: To retain and grow believers in Christ through training, emphasizing the covenant relationship between Christ, the believer, and the church. Mary Jones, Director


Mission: To assist with caring for members during the times of personal illness, the death of loved ones and supporting the Church’s acts of mission in the community and abroad. Ava Thomas, President

Mass Choir

Mission: To provide a ministry in music for all members to join in unity to express their gift of song that edifies the body of Christ and reflects the glory of God.  

Male Chorus

Mission: To offer a ministry in music for men to express their gift of song in worship that edifies the body of Christ and reflect the glory of God. Donald Monts, Coordinator

Deaconesses and Mothers

Mission: To assist the Pastor and Deacons in ministering to the women and young girls in the church and in ministering to the sick, and shut-in members. To assist with administering Church Ordinances. First Lady Debra Powell, President Mother Betty J. Braden Deaconess Sylvia Bell Deaconess Vickel Cawthon Deaconess Loretta Chandler Deaconess Carolyn French Deaconess …

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Mission: To assist the Pastor and serve the membership by supporting the worship services, assisting with the church ordinance, and serving the tables. Deacon Fred Cawthon, Chairperson Deacon Kevin Battle Deacon Mickle Blackman Deacon Donnie Chandler Deacon Ronald Granberry Deacon Prince Peters, III Deacon Johnny Weatherspoon Deacon Edward Wilcox