Why The Star?

Morning Star is a place where you are an important member of a loving family. We believe our love for God is exemplified through our love for our neighbors. In John 13:35 Jesus tells us the world will know that we are His disciples if we have love for one another. Therefore we strive to be relational and caring through genuinely connected Christian fellowship and community. When you walk through the doors of our church, you will feel and sense the love of God and the personal touch of Jesus as we learn together and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are a Bible believing church. We believe the Word of God is real and relevant and provides spiritual nourishment for our daily walk in Christ. Through consistent Bible study we grow together as mature Christians who are better equipped to bring others to the saving knowledge of Christ.

We are a praying church. We have witnessed the power of God working in our church as we seek Him through individual and corporate prayer. We believe prayer gives us full access to the Kingdom of God and all God's provisions.

Why the Star? We don't mind demonstrating exuberant, spirit-filled expressions of reverence in worship and praise to glorify, honor, and to exalt God for who He is and for what He has done in our lives. We are a church that honors God by striving to give our very best in worship, service, and modeling our faith to others.

Brief History of Morning Star

On September 13, 1978, 28 faithful believers formed the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Lester D. Stone. "Morning" represented a new start and "Star" symbolized hope. The vision was to provide hope for the hopeless, leadership in the community, and to be great for the Kingdom of God. Worship services were held at Murrell School from 1978 thru 1981. In 1982, Pastor Stone and his family relocated to Lansing, Michigan and the pastoral mantel was passed to our dynamic Pastor, Gregory Powell. It was also during this time that the church acquired property and relocated to our church home at 19 Hart Street.

The Star has experienced exponential growth both numerically and spiritually over the years with several ministries being birth including, the Men's Fraternity, Family Enrichment Ministry, Pastoral Counseling Ministry, Star Ministries, Inc., Boys to Men, Precious Pearls, and Martha's House to name a few. Our desire is to be a five-star ministry that is focused on prayer, worship, Bible study, stewardship, and outreach.

21 Hart Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37210
Tele: 615-254-9239
E-mail - info@morningstarnashville.org