Meet Our Pastor?

Pastor Gregory Powell is characterized as a visionary leader and a long distance runner. He has served the Morning Star Missionary Baptist church with a constant leadership for the past thirty-two years. He is pursuing a God-given vision for an inner city ministry and fueled by a passion to serve the Cameron-Trimble Bottom community.

Over the past years, he has led the church in the purchasing of properties to accommodate the needs of the ministry, with a focus on expanding services in the community. The following highlights are some of the results:

  • Established Star Ministries, Inc., a non-profit ministry designed to provide food to the under-privileged.
  • Constructed two houses and developed other properties to assist with housing for the elderly.
  • Provided housing for C-team Chapel ministries.
  • Opened Martha's House-a mentoring site for youth between ages 12-18 years and small group actitives.
Pastor Powell is actively involved in and supports several civic and service organizations in the community and the city of Nashville: Crestview Nursing Home, Nashville Rescue Mission, Nashville General Hospital at Meharry, Urban League of Middle Tennessee, American Baptist College, Alumni (1982), Haiti Recovery Mission and others.

He has been married to wife, Debra for over 30 years and they have two children: Grekail and Desmond.

He's an advocate for good health and physical fitness. His passion for running motivated him to successfully complete several marathons (26.2 miles), one in particular was the Boston Marathon. He often compares his ministry to a marathon race and not a 100-yard dash.

19 Hart Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37210
Tele: 615-254-9239
E-mail -